When Stress and Diet Collide

September 8, 2017
egg muffins

Stress and diet are an impossible combination, at least for me. In the years of Lev’s declining health, I gained 10 pounds. After his death, I gained 10 more. In the 28 months I have been blogging, I have written often about widows’ need for self-care and healthy eating, and I have shared my efforts to get my weight under control. I did well for …

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Want to Visit Japan?

September 27, 2016

Some Practical Advice On each trip as a solo traveler I learn more about myself—what I want and what I need. Japan presented special problems—most of which I had not anticipated, but it was immensely rewarding in spite of the challenges. Food Japan was hard—language, food, weather, jet lag, crowds. I wouldn’t dream of tackling it on my own, and in hindsight I might have …

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Starting Over

June 2, 2016
diet handbook

A year ago, I began a diet that called for eliminating carbs and fats for two weeks, while eating large amounts of lean meat and vegetables plus a small amount of low-fat dairy products. Gradually, I added small amounts of fruits and carbs, while reducing the protein. It worked. I was never hungry, and I lost about three pounds a week at the beginning, 20 …

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Healthy Eating Is A Luxury

November 12, 2015
$93 of healthy groceries

After Lev came home from the hospital with doctor’s orders to go on a low-sodium diet, I stood in the aisle at our town’s largest grocery store and wept. I had been there an hour, and I had three items in my cart. Salt—as a preservative and a flavor enhancer—seemed to be in everything. How do I do this? I cried. I spent the next …

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Taking Care of Me

October 13, 2015

During the years of Lev’s declining health, I simply could not deal with my own health. It was not just a lack of time. I had more doctors’ appointments on my calendar than I wanted to think about. I was worried and stressed about him. I coped best by simply denying that I needed to take care of myself. I knew then that my thinking …

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Challenges of Healthy Cooking

October 10, 2015

Eating three healthy meals a day–five if you count snacks–when you live alone is a challenge. It requires time for planning, shopping, prep, cooking and cleanup. And fresh vegetables cost money. I can’t buy small enough quantities for one person for one meal, so I am stuck with either eating leftovers or throwing food away. So much easier to eat peanut butter and crackers when I don’t go …

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In the Air Again

July 6, 2015

After 12 days in Nantucket, it is time to go home again for a little while–to check the mail and the house, to see family and friends and doctors, to write and to diet…the real world, which is so very far removed from the remote island in the Atlantic. Au revoir. Until I see you again, Nantucket. I will resume blogging as soon as I bring order out …

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Taco Salad and More

June 28, 2015

I was leaving town for two weeks, and the refrigerator was full of all the healthy vegetables and dairy products I stocked up on the previous week. Perhaps the biggest time-management challenge for me on this diet has been to find time for prep and cleanup. Saltine crackers and Peter Pan peanut butter are far quicker. I took my first stab at taco salad, creating a taco …

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In Search of Healthy Italian Food

June 22, 2015

I find it a challenge to keep my meals from being monotonous when I am restricted almost completely to protein and vegetables, with a limited amount of dairy. Cooking for one is a special challenge if I don’t want to throw away a large portion of everything I buy. While fish and white meats are preferable to beef, I can have lean beef a couple …

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Facing the Truth About Weight

June 14, 2015

This started out as a friendly wager with my friend Mary Anne. The goal was to lose 5 pounds by end of summer and the loser would buy the winner dinner. The next thing I knew, Mary Anne had talked me into going to a medically-supervised weight-loss clinic with her. The average client is a 50-60-year-old woman who weighs 200 pounds. She loses 35 pounds …

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