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Do you remember my supper and simple salad for one, starting with rotisserie chicken, spinach, tomatoes and canned 3-bean salad, salad olives and artichoke hearts? I prepared two additional meals in 10 minutes recently—not counting boiling water while I watched the news.

While I boiled a 9-ounce package of Buitoni Mushroom Agnolotti, I placed several handfuls of spinach in a colander, chopped remaining tomatoes and added them to the marinated vegetable mix. I poured the water from the agnolotti over the spinach to wilt it, then added half the pasta to the vegetable mix. I placed the saucepan back on the cooktop over medium heat, added a little olive oil and a generous spoonful of minced garlic and stirred until the garlic was translucent and the pasta was coated with oil. While that was happening, I mixed the pasta and cold vegetables together to coat the pasta. I added the spinach to the hot pasta, sprinkled generously with grated Parmesan, stirred and served in a pasta bowl.

After dinner, I added a little balsamic vinaigrette to the salad mix, stirred and refrigerated. The next day, I tossed in Gorgonzola crumbles and pine nuts for an entrée salad.

Variations: My daughter prefers butternut squash ravioli. Instead of olive oil and garlic, she heats butter until it is brown, then stirs in fresh sage for a sweeter, more delicate flavor. Any vegetable- or cheese-stuffed pasta is delicious in salad. Leftover chicken or salad tastes good in both the hot entrée and the salad. (My calorie-conscious friends habitually eat half their salmon when they dine out, then take home the remainder to add to salad the next day.)

Please share your favorite quick meal.