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After nine months of Sunday blogs about widowhood, I’m changing my blogging schedule to once weekly on Thursday,  to free up time to finish my book, RECLAIMING JOY: A PRIMER FOR WIDOWS. I blogged every day the first two months, then cut back to three days a week for the remainder of 2015. However, my Sunday blogs never had the readership that weekday blogs have.

I started blogging because that is what a writer does when her book is ready to be submitted to prospective agents. Every writer is expected to have a website and a strong social media presence. Marketing is as important as writing in the publishing business. But I had a problem. Blogging and writing a book are two entirely different things, and the former–churning out 500 words a day on random subjects–comes much more naturally to me than writing in the long form. I still haven’t completed final revisions of my book.

After a break for surgery, I completed my series of Sunday blogs on “12 Keys to Reclaiming Joy” last week and will resume my blogs on a weekly basis beginning Thursday. First up is “13 Ways to Prepare for Widowhood.”

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