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I am on vacation, spending 12 days at my most favorite place in the world: Nantucket. I’ve tossed my usual blog schedule, and I plan to write about whatever I see and do that I want to share…or maybe chase whatever rabbit I choose to chase. And, yes, there are rabbits. After dinner at the hotel tonight, we took a short walk through the Brandt Point neighborhood, where we spotted a rabbit as still as could be at the edge of a flower bed.

After last night’s storms, the weather was warm–mid 70s–and humid today; but by nightfall, we were chilly. The small, gray-shingle ACK airport is the second busiest in New England. Fifteen minutes after I stepped out of the commuter plane, I was at my hotel. Dropping off my suitcases, I headed for the wharf and Cru for lunch, then up cobblestoned Main Street, past the shops, to check out a couple of historic homes that might be available for rent next summer. I was afraid I wouldn’t find flowers yet; but climbing roses are in full bloom all over town, downtown shops have filled planters and window boxes, and summer residents are beginning to plant their window boxes as well.

Lev and Cheri arrived late this afternoon, and we celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary at dinner. More seafood–clam chowder, halibut, swordfish. Tomorrow evening they will go to dinner by boat to the Wauwinet, at the other end of the island, while I meet new friends at a restaurant in town.

Quakers dominated Nantucket for more than 100 years, and the high value they placed on simplicity still influences Nantucket today. It’s hard to build a pretentious gray-shingle house.

Photos: View from my hotel window, lobster roll at Cru, yacht coming into the harbor, downtown window box, 200-year-old ship captain’s house, window box on Union Street.