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Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers. Philippians 3:2a NRSV

 Retreat to your quiet place and prepare your heart and mind to allow Scripture to speak to you as you continue on your journey to joy today.

Start with Scripture. Today, read Philippians 3:2–6 from your favorite translation of the Bible or from the epigraph printed at the top of the chapter, page 113.

While much of today’s Scripture is difficult to understand outside the context of first century Christianity, verse 2 is clear. Beware! Do you need to hear this today? Who are you wary of today? Are there those in your life whom you mistrust?

Read Chapter 16 of Reclaiming Joy. What parts of Ella’s story, if any, do you identify with?

Ella describes both those who betrayed and sought to take advantage of her and those who simply disappeared after Lev’s death, while the literary author Joyce Carol Oates describes them as sharks on page 114.

How would you describe the dogs and evil workers with whom you have dealt? Can you distinguish between the betrayals and the disappointing losses, between your business and professional relationships and your personal friendships?

Have you experienced any betrayals or loss? How did you handle them? Did you confront the perpetrators, withdraw, or simply ignore the situation? Have you been able to extend grace to those who hurt and harmed you?

Ella lists both business associates, page 116, and friends, pages 117 and 118, who went out of their way to help her. When you are hurt, can you remind yourself of all those who have gone out of the way to support you in the bad times?

On page 118 Ella describes the difference between interested and committed friends. Which are you? What is the lesson that you have learned today?

What can you do now to move toward joy? What or whom do you need to let go of?

What three people are you thankful for today? What moments of joy have you experienced in the last 24 hours? Take time to say, Thank you, God, for…

For an introduction to these 28 meditations leading to Easter, please read The Journey to Easter Joy: Daily Meditations, Letting Scripture Speak.

© Ella Wall Prichard, 2019