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Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 NRSV

Retreat to your quiet place and prepare your heart and mind to allow Scripture to speak to you as you continue on your journey to joy today.

Start with Scripture. Today, read Philippians 4:6, 7 from your favorite translation of the Bible or from the epigraph printed at the top of the chapter, page 169.

What is the key word or idea do you need to hear today?

Paul’s advice sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Don’t worry? Pray with thanksgiving? Yet, in most circumstances, suddenly singles have lost their chief confidant. Who is the person with whom you share your deepest fears and concerns? Have you tried prayer? Have you tried gratitude?

Today’s meditation scripture taught Ella to take time to thank God every day, and it is why every meditation ends with the suggestion to write down three moments of joy you have experienced each day. Have you practiced that regularly? Has that helped you at all?

Read Chapter 24 of Reclaiming Joy. What parts of Ella’s story, if any, do you identify with?

This is Ella’s favorite chapter in her memoir, because peace is a place for her. Do you have a place where you find peace, where you are most stress- and worry-free?

Has your sadness become the place where you are most comfortable? Ella moved far out of her comfort zone on her first trip to Nantucket, but now it is her summer home. Do you need to move out of your comfort zone to find peace and replace sad memories with joyous anticipation?

On page 170, Ella describes her daily meditations back in 2014, when she developed the outline for Reclaiming Joy. These daily meditations largely retrace that journey. Is Paul’s roadmap to joy applicable to you in your situation?

What is the lesson that you have learned today?

What can you do now to move from grief to joy?

What three things are you thankful for today? What moments of joy have you experienced in the last 24 hours? Take time to say, Thank you, God, for…

For an introduction to these 28 meditations leading to Easter, please read The Journey to Easter Joy: Daily Meditations, Letting Scripture Speak.

© Ella Wall Prichard, 2019