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desk clutter

Last week, when I so smugly blogged about Allowing Time for Serendipity, I envisioned the perfect Christmas, organized in relaxed, leisurely fashion. Well, as we used to say back in Texarkana, “It ain’t gonna happen.” Not this year.

Every room in my house is in about the same state as my library and bedroom; clutter everywhere, with more to pull out the closets when and if I manage to deal with all that is already out. Meanwhile, I have fled the scene for more serendipity in Chicago. In fact, I have no time to write because it’s time to meet friends for dinner and “Hamilton.” What a treat!

Hamilton Chicago

But one thing I know. Christmas will come on December 25, whether I’m ready or not. Meanwhile, I am filling the month with memorable times with family and friends instead of staying home alone decorating my house.