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Elizabeth Head Black, a gifted writer, blogged again recently about loneliness. Elizabeth’s personal story is a story of loneliness–17 moves in 49 years. She turned to the Psalms for comfort and found God’s answer to her loneliness. A book emerged from her meditations on the Psalms–Hand in Hand: Walking with the Psalms Through LonelinessThough her life is full as the wife of the priest at the Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal) in Corpus Christi and as the mother of two teen-aged sons, she still finds time to speak and to write. Rather than quote Elizabeth, I am providing the link to her website, “Our Daily Bread,” and most recent blog, “Loneliness: A Catalyst for Change.” Those of us who know the special loneliness of widowhood can draw from Elizabeth’s wisdom and insight.

Photo: The group I explored Northern Italy and the French Riviera with left that morning, but I stayed on an extra day at our hotel on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula. The tourist season had drawn to an end, and the hotel was empty. I abandoned my plans to spend the day in Nice, a city Lev and I loved, when I got the call from home that one of our closest friends had died. Never had I felt so totally alone. I wandered the grounds of the hotel, ate lunch alone by the empty pool and stared out at the empty sea. The setting matched my mood. 10 September 2012.