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I was leaving town for two weeks, and the refrigerator was full of all the healthy vegetables and dairy products I stocked up on the previous week. Perhaps the biggest time-management challenge for me on this diet has been to find time for prep and cleanup. Saltine crackers and Peter Pan peanut butter are far quicker. I took my first stab at taco salad, creating a taco sauce for the browned ground beef crumbles in the refrigerator. While it was cooking, I chopped enough vegetables and grated enough skim-milk cheddar cheese to fill my omelette the next morning. At the same time, I peeled and sliced remaining carrots for snacks that afternoon and my flight the next day. I mixed plain Greek yoghurt and salsa together for salad dressing and carrot dip–it was really good, much better than the diet products I have tried. In fact, this was one of the tastiest, most satisfying meals I’ve prepared on the diet. I felt like I was eating real food.

Healthy Taco Salad

Mix together:
1 cup crisp lettuce or other salad greens
1 cup chopped vegetables–I used tomato and bell pepper
Combine equal portions of:
plain Greek yoghurt
Toss salad with salad dressing. 
Top with:
1/2 cup well drained beef taco meat
2 tablespoons grated low-fat cheddar cheese

Variations: Since I have “graduated” to 1 carb a day, I could have added corn tortilla chips, beans or corn; but I’m saving my carb for dinner.