Live Well, Look Good, TRAVEL LIGHT, III

May 3, 2018
woman with luggage

Widows often find ourselves encumbered by too much baggage. We were accustomed to husbands who carried more than their share. I had more practice than many, for throughout our marriage I occasionally traveled alone or with friends. Then, as Lev’s health declined, I became the partner with major responsibility for the baggage. I was responsible not only for our suitcases but also for much of …

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LIVE WELL, Look Good, Travel Light

April 19, 2018
Ella at Roman ruins, Bordeaux

We all want to live well, though each of us—at different periods in our lives—defines living well differently. My friends and I resist the idea that we might be old—“I don’t feel old!”—but as a long-ago newspaper reporter, I know too well if I get hit by a car when I am crossing the street, the headline will read, “Elderly woman hit by car.” Many …

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P.S. More About Carry-On’s

July 14, 2015

Last month, in one of my (almost) weekly blogs of tips for safe, solo travel, I wrote: “Assume that no one will help you with your luggage. Carry no more than you can handle and lift by yourself.” I was reminded of that in a long day of flying from Nantucket to Reagan National, Washington, to DFW to Corpus Christi. Nantucket may be the second …

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