Powerless and Needing Power

March 29, 2020
Dr. George Mason

Are you as confused as I am about the day and the date? It’s all a blur and there is nothing to mark the passage of time except by the increasing daily numbers of coronavirus cases. People don’t go to work or school on weekdays; we don’t go out on Saturday night. Whether your Sunday included worship or brunch or pro sports on TV, there …

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David Rockefeller: A Worthy Role Model

April 6, 2017
Colonial Williamsburg

Lev died April 7, 2009—eight years ago tomorrow. There I was, unprepared for all that I must do, immediately confronted with practical and legal realities. Overnight, I moved from the role of smiling spouse and gracious hostess to that of executor, trustee, CEO and—most dreaded of all—matriarch. I am not sure that anyone had confidence in me. I certainly had none in myself. Because I …

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Staying Connected in Good Times and Bad

June 4, 2015

During the unfolding tragedy in Wimberley, everyone I know has kept her smart phone nearby, constantly checking Facebook and emails for the latest word on our friends. We are all engulfed in grief. Instant communication and access to information are so taken for granted today that it is hard to believe that the iPhone only made its debut in June 2007. My daughter and her husband bought the new …

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