Hope for the Holidays

October 20, 2017
Christmas decor

…or would today’s blog be more appropriately titled, “Help! It’s the Holidays”? When Holiday promotions start showing up in the stores, when the days grow shorter, when daylight savings time ends, I am again reminded that I am approaching the time of year when I struggle to find joy. If you have experienced loss in the past year, if the Holidays this year will be …

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A Kaleidoscope of Perceptions

February 23, 2017
kaleidoscope portrait

As a child, I loved to play with kaleidoscopes, fascinated by the ever-changing prisms as I twisted the lens. I have learned that people are like that. I see them—you see me—through different prisms, and often the images are distorted. We see the same person, we go to the same party, we listen to the same speech, we read the same book, and we walk …

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Westward, Ho!

August 23, 2015

Three Coasts in 13 Days From Nantucket to Corpus Christi to Carmel in less than two weeks is a bit of a push, but how could I turn down the gracious invitation of dear friends with a house in Carmel? A married couple can give no better gift to widowed friends than to continue to include them. It doesn’t always happen. For some women, it …

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