What Is Your Travel Profile?

February 4, 2019
Travel Planning Tools

Lev and I always loved to travel. He was a travel agent when we married, and though the volume of summer travel business precluded our enjoying vacations in the early years of marriage, we still found many opportunities to enjoy the perks of being in that business. Lev planned our honeymoon—I don’t think I had any input—a glamorous trip to Mexico City in December 1962, …

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Tip #10. Travel With Emergency Info

August 4, 2015

Keep emergency contact and medical information in your billfold or purse. In January 2014 a friend and I boarded a small luxury ship for a cruise from Auckland, New Zealand, to Sydney, Australia. The trip started off well; but near Dunedin, close to the bottom of South Island, we awakened to stormy weather. We set out across the dock to a vintage sightseeing train. Crew offered no …

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