David Rockefeller: A Worthy Role Model

April 6, 2017
Colonial Williamsburg

Lev died April 7, 2009—eight years ago tomorrow. There I was, unprepared for all that I must do, immediately confronted with practical and legal realities. Overnight, I moved from the role of smiling spouse and gracious hostess to that of executor, trustee, CEO and—most dreaded of all—matriarch. I am not sure that anyone had confidence in me. I certainly had none in myself. Because I …

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#2. Try Baby Steps

May 26, 2015

Tip #2: Try baby steps at first. Start out by spending a few days alone in a familiar city before or after joining friends or family on vacation. I have observed that anything that I did for or by myself while Lev was alive is easier to do as a widow. Moving from complete dependence to independence overnight–especially after decades of ingrained habits and customs–is …

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