Ready to Party?

November 15, 2018
Dinner for 3

Tennyson may be right that “In the Spring a young man’s [and woman’s] fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”[1]; but in my stage of life, fall too often turns my mind to thoughts of loss. The shortened days depress me. While I thought nothing of going out after dark with Lev, nine autumns later I am still uncomfortably surprised by the darkness when I …

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English Gardens in South Texas?

May 11, 2017

Last week for the first time I was on Nantucket off-season—to celebrate daffodils, one of the first signs of spring on the island. While South Texas is already experiencing summer, with the temperature occasionally reaching 90 and spring flowers past their prime, Nantucket is at the very beginning of springtime, with bulbs and fruit trees and forsythia in full bloom. I will return at the …

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Time Out for Sabbath

October 27, 2016
Sunday morning

I am tightly wound—more so than ever since I became a widow—and occasionally I feel as though my spring has sprung. My body is talking to me. I simply have to stop and shut down. Sunday morning was one of those days. After a restless night, I overslept. If I hurried, I could gulp down one cup of coffee before dressing and dashing off to …

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Friends: An Unexpected Loss

April 21, 2016
with friends in Nantucket

The Social Aspect of Grief Ours had been a social world of couples, and our friends and acquaintances called within a month or two after Lev’s death to invite me out to dinner. Sometimes, these turned out to be one-time obligatory gestures. Just as we had not thought to mix singles and couples in our social life, not all of our old friends continued to …

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Celebrating the 12th Day of Christmas

January 5, 2016
Traditional King Cake

Tomorrow is Epiphany…Twelfth Night…the Twelfth Day of Christmas on the liturgical calendar, when the Church celebrates the coming of the Kings to visit the baby Jesus. While scholars tell us that it is more likely that Jesus was a toddler living in a house with Mary and Joseph when the wise men came, my mental picture is still that of the kings with their gifts, …

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Travel Tip #8. Plan After-Dark Activities Carefully

July 21, 2015

Are there restaurants near the hotel? Does the hotel have a restaurant and room service? Are cabs available and safe? This is information you can obtain from the hotel website or the concierge in advance. Vignettes of best-laid plans gone wrong In Amsterdam in summer 2010, we were staying at a charming* small hotel with a lovely breakfast room but no room service. We were …

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2 More Meals to Fix

May 31, 2015

Do you remember my supper and simple salad for one, starting with rotisserie chicken, spinach, tomatoes and canned 3-bean salad, salad olives and artichoke hearts? I prepared two additional meals in 10 minutes recently—not counting boiling water while I watched the news. While I boiled a 9-ounce package of Buitoni Mushroom Agnolotti, I placed several handfuls of spinach in a colander, chopped remaining tomatoes and added …

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What’s for Supper?

May 2, 2015

We all remember that moment—that first time alone at home after the funeral—and he doesn’t come home for dinner. And we realize: He will never come home again. For me, it was the very worst time of the day. What was I supposed to do for the next five hours until bedtime? I began to ask other widows, “What do you do about dinner?” Two …

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