give thanks

Celebrating God of Daffodil and Fun

May 4, 2017

After the merriment of the Daffodil Festival on Saturday, on Sunday morning I headed up the hill to the First Congregational Church, as is my custom when I am on Nantucket. This is the place where I reclaimed joy after Lev’s death. This is the place where I found peace. This is the place where my soul found its home. This time, though, I passed …

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Wishing You a Blessed Thanksgiving

November 26, 2015
Giving thanks-a montage

Almost immediately after Lev’s death, I began to worry about the Holidays, more than seven months away. Having always loved everything about Christmas—the tree, carols, presents, cards, cookies, candies and lavish meals—I did not want to lose that too. How could I move from loss and grief to the joy of Christmas? In early fall, I set goals for myself, borrowing literally from the word …

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Father’s Day–One of Those Markers

June 21, 2015

Father’s Day is hard to dodge. For weeks in advance we are bombarded with ads for cards and gifts for dad. It’s not as big a day as Mother’s Day–I’ve never understood that–but we will remember our fathers on Father’s Day, whether the memory is good or not. While Father’s Day was not a big occasion in our home–the children went to camp every June–I …

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