Looking Backward, Looking Forward

December 28, 2017
looking both ways

My Christmas push is over, and I have the gift of three weeks to spend reflecting on this past year and planning the next. New Year’s Resolutions are fairly new for me. For 46 years, life revolved around husband and children, and I felt little need to set life goals and priorities. Importantly, Lev assumed so many responsibilities—business, finance, insurance, cars—and was always willing to …

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Take Care of Yourself

November 3, 2017

During the years of Lev’s declining health, I simply could not deal with my own health. It was not just a lack of time. I had more doctors’ appointments on my calendar than I wanted to think about. I was worried and stressed about him. I coped best by simply denying that I needed to take care of myself. I knew then that my thinking …

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When Stress and Diet Collide

September 8, 2017
egg muffins

Stress and diet are an impossible combination, at least for me. In the years of Lev’s declining health, I gained 10 pounds. After his death, I gained 10 more. In the 28 months I have been blogging, I have written often about widows’ need for self-care and healthy eating, and I have shared my efforts to get my weight under control. I did well for …

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Resolved: To Be Healthy

January 19, 2017
Bartlett Farm truck

Most New Year’s Resolutions are goals to change. This year most of mine are not. As I prepare to officially enter the “fourth stage of life,” that period from 76 until death (a depressing subject I prefer to ignore), I am spending more time than usual evaluating where I am and where I want to be. I want to become more proactive in cultivating habits …

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Want to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain?

November 19, 2016
bathroom scales

When I first started gaining weight in my 40s, I commented to an older, fatter friend, “It’s only five pounds.” “Yes, and if you gain five pounds a year, in seven years it will be 35 pounds. Look at me.” For most of us, the Holidays are to blame for the typical annual five-pound weight gain. How can we enjoy all the parties and special …

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The Siren Call of Never Never Land

July 28, 2016
Sunrise Over Nantucket

Nantucket—My Happy, Healthy, Healing Place I have found my Never Never Land and its name is Nantucket—a remote island once occupied by Native Americans, then claimed by Englishmen, home to pirates on occasion as well as to whaling captains who captured the imagine of Herman Melville. In many ways, it resembles the Never Never Land of J. M. Barrie’s imagination. And like Peter Pan, I …

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Healthy Eating Is A Luxury

November 12, 2015
$93 of healthy groceries

After Lev came home from the hospital with doctor’s orders to go on a low-sodium diet, I stood in the aisle at our town’s largest grocery store and wept. I had been there an hour, and I had three items in my cart. Salt—as a preservative and a flavor enhancer—seemed to be in everything. How do I do this? I cried. I spent the next …

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The Very Easiest Healthy Breakfast

October 11, 2015

After more than four months of eating breakfasts packed with lean protein and vegetables, this lifelong cereal eater can tell the difference. I’m not talking about the 16 pounds I’ve lost. I feel better. I have more energy. Most important, I’m not starving at noon, so I’m satisfied (most of the time) with a salad instead of a Whataburger, fries and Coke. While I have …

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Tips for Weekly Produce Shopping

July 18, 2015

Just the name of her blog is irresistible: And since I am a Francophile trying to eat six servings of vegetables a day, the cookbook title was pretty irresistible too: The French Market Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes From My Parisian Kitchen (New York: Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2013). I was prepared to skip all the text and plunge straight into the recipes, but Clotilde Dusoulier is an …

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In Search of Healthy Italian Food

June 22, 2015

I find it a challenge to keep my meals from being monotonous when I am restricted almost completely to protein and vegetables, with a limited amount of dairy. Cooking for one is a special challenge if I don’t want to throw away a large portion of everything I buy. While fish and white meats are preferable to beef, I can have lean beef a couple …

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