Searching for Your Happy Place?

October 4, 2016
My Happy Place

Home Alone on Nantucket Are you looking for your happy place? a place where you can escape the memories of your former life as half a couple and build a new life alone? I stumbled upon Nantucket four years after my husband’s death, not even knowing what I was looking for. I did not throw a dart at a U.S. map to pick my destination …

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Want to Visit Japan?

September 27, 2016

Some Practical Advice On each trip as a solo traveler I learn more about myself—what I want and what I need. Japan presented special problems—most of which I had not anticipated, but it was immensely rewarding in spite of the challenges. Food Japan was hard—language, food, weather, jet lag, crowds. I wouldn’t dream of tackling it on my own, and in hindsight I might have …

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Special Travel Tip: Research Hotel Conditions

August 13, 2015

Earlier in the summer I blogged about the importance of hotel quality, location and amenities: Spend more on hotels and transportation if necessary to assure your safety and comfort. It costs less for one to travel than for two. Determine hotel in-room amenities in advance. If there is no in-room safe, leave valuables at home. This is not the first time that real life has …

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Travel Tip #9. Make Reservations in Advance

July 28, 2015

Make all important reservations in advance and organize all your confirmations and other travel documents for easy access. When your husband was alive, you might have risked a road trip without hotel reservations every night. It is not a wise thing to do as a widow. For peace of mind, I want to know before I leave home that I am not going to have unpleasant surprises. I …

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Travel Tip #8. Plan After-Dark Activities Carefully

July 21, 2015

Are there restaurants near the hotel? Does the hotel have a restaurant and room service? Are cabs available and safe? This is information you can obtain from the hotel website or the concierge in advance. Vignettes of best-laid plans gone wrong In Amsterdam in summer 2010, we were staying at a charming* small hotel with a lovely breakfast room but no room service. We were …

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Travel Tip #7. Determine Hotel Amenities in Advance

June 30, 2015

Visit your hotel websites before you leave home, regardless of whether you made your own reservations or they are included in a tour. If there is no in-room safe, leave valuables at home. While my Rimowa luggage has built-in combination locks, I suspect that it is quite easy to obtain a TSA key. Certainly, it is easy to break the lock, as TSA has shown …

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