Defying Stereotype, Mixing Genre

August 2, 2015

As I scanned the crowd in the Wylie Theatre lobby, looking for a place where I could eat my box lunch, an attractive blonde on a nearby bench made eye contact and gestured that I could squeeze in beside her. I’m not good at striking up conversations with strangers, but we were both attending the DFW Writers Conference, so there were natural conversation starters. While …

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Resources for Those Who Grieve

July 9, 2015

In writing The Book Proposal for Reclaiming Joy, I must describe the (lack of) competition. I found no book that helped when Lev died six years ago, and when I ask other widows if they read any helpful books, they tend to laugh with a bit of a snort and say, “Oh, no….” You might like to read about my research. Perhaps there is something …

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1,000 Words x 50 ≠ a 50,000-Word Book

May 20, 2015

By August 2014 I had worked my way through the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians and filled a notebook with my scribbled little stories and essays. With all the magical thinking that a novice author possesses, I purchased a MacBook Air to serve as my digital journal and reserved a hotel room in Nantucket for 18 days. I wrote from 9 a.m. to noon …

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