Taking Time for Joy

November 8, 2018
Dallas Arboretum

The unseasonably cool, gray, wet weather in October left me feeling like Mrs. Noah aboard the Ark; and shorter days added to my growing dissatisfaction. I had a mild case of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which has plagued me each fall since Lev’s death. With too little light, I struggle to be happy. This fall I had my garden plans—indeed, I had removed the dead …

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reclaiming joy in lower case

June 21, 2018
large island t-shirt

In many ways, my memoir, Reclaiming Joy, is a love letter to Nantucket, for this is where I first experienced sustained joy after Lev’s death, which I described in last week’s blog. Though I know intellectually that I had many moments of joy even in the midst of the thick fog of grief, my memories of the pain and anxiety are much more vivid. Sheryl …

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Travel Tip #5. Embrace Technology

June 16, 2015

Your smart phone and tablet can be your best friends on a trip—alarm clock, calendar, reservations, flight update, electronic boarding pass, map, books, newspaper, camera, weather report, flashlight, currency converter and language translator—as well as your 24×7 communication link. Because my children and grandchildren embraced technology quickly, buying iPhones as soon as they came out and signing up for Facebook when social media was in …

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