A Day of Remembrance

October 4, 2015

9/11 is one of those dates marked indelibly in memory, one of those dates when we immediately remember where we were and what we were doing when we got the word. Lev and I were drinking coffee and reading the newspaper when our daughter called. “Turn on the TV. A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center.” We immediately called our son in Dallas–a …

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6 Good Reasons to Entertain at Home Alone

September 20, 2015

Women who find themselves suddenly single again—whether widowed or divorced–after years as half a couple are often at a loss on how to entertain. I threw my first big party—a properly decorous event—seven months after Lev died, and I have grown increasingly comfortable entertaining at home alone in the years since then. Here are six reasons to entertain: 1. Reciprocate People are incredibly kind to …

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Throwback Thursday: Elvis Discovered in Texarkana

September 3, 2015

Sixty years ago, Elvis Presley was a 20-year-old rockabilly singer performing in small-town auditoriums throughout the south. He was often featured at the Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport’s answer to the Grand Ole Opry, and Texarkana—75 miles north—was a frequent showplace for Hayride stars. Elvis sang (and gyrated) at the Texarkana, Arkansas, Municipal Auditorium at least twice in 1954 and four times in 1955, as well as in …

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Father’s Day–One of Those Markers

June 21, 2015

Father’s Day is hard to dodge. For weeks in advance we are bombarded with ads for cards and gifts for dad. It’s not as big a day as Mother’s Day–I’ve never understood that–but we will remember our fathers on Father’s Day, whether the memory is good or not. While Father’s Day was not a big occasion in our home–the children went to camp every June–I …

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