100 Home-Cooked Meals and Still Counting

April 22, 2020
chalupa compuesto con pollo

Today is Day 35 of mostly sheltering in place on the 15th floor of a large apartment complex in Dallas. Even with four takeout meals, I have prepared more than 100 meals at home alone in the kitchen. On Wednesday, March 18, I flew to Dallas with my son in time for takeout Whataburgers for lunch. The trunk of my daughter-in-law’s car was stuffed with …

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Memories of Christmas Past

December 3, 2015
Christmas 1967

To Grandmother’s House We Go In the early years of our marriage, we alternated between Lev’s parents in San Antonio and mine in Texarkana, a not completely satisfactory arrangement. Christmas in San Antonio was a very formal, adult affair, traipsing from open house to open house on Christmas Day. The tree was artificial, on a small table in the dining room, decorated by the housekeeper. …

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A New Spin on Thanksgiving Dinner

November 20, 2015

Holidays are not easy when there is an empty chair at the table. Families must learn how to “do” Thanksgiving, and sometimes it seems easier to abandon traditions rather than be reminded of what (who) is missing. But in 2014, our family finally got it right. The Dallas clan came to Corpus Christi, and I had many joyful weeks anticipating and planning our time together. …

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Soup’s On!

November 3, 2015
Thanksgiving table

While I love the traditions of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I also try to honor the various traditions and dietary needs and quirks of my expanding family. Last year, preparing my first big family Thanksgiving meal since Lev’s death, I borrowed a leaf from the creative new American chefs and used old ingredients in new ways. Nowhere was that more obvious than in my sweet potato …

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May 24, 2015

We have celebrated together for more than four decades–our own major life events, then our children’s, now our grandchildren’s. Like today. Old friends honoring a beautiful young granddaughter in the company of her friends and family. Pink flamingos stood in tropical flower gardens on the tables. Caribbean music played in the background. Hurricane glasses held pink lemonade, and even the straws were adorned with flamingos. The buffet offered …

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