Looking Backward, Looking Forward

December 28, 2017
looking both ways

My Christmas push is over, and I have the gift of three weeks to spend reflecting on this past year and planning the next. New Year’s Resolutions are fairly new for me. For 46 years, life revolved around husband and children, and I felt little need to set life goals and priorities. Importantly, Lev assumed so many responsibilities—business, finance, insurance, cars—and was always willing to …

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Gratitude > Generosity > Joy

January 24, 2016
Key 12 Ph. 4:18

Key 12 to reclaiming joy: Be generous in sharing with others. Since October I have worked my way through the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi, examining 12 keys to moving from grief to joy. These keys are not simply principles. Paul provides an order—a road map—for moving from discouragement to joy. His letter opens with his gratitude to the Philippians for their …

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Writing in the Long Form

April 29, 2015
writers bookshelf

One year ago, I sat down at my old desk in the bedroom—not the one where I do all my “Lev work”—and I started to write a book. Being an “author” was never my ambition. While I have been putting words on paper most of my life (and since 1982, on the computer screen), I never considered writing in the long form. I am a …

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