Moving Toward Joy: Meditations for Advent

November 30, 2017
Good tidings of great joy

Introduction When I visualize my mother, the first image that always comes to mind is of her with her worn Bible across her knees, index cards and pencil at hand, preparing her Sunday School lesson. Her old King James Version was falling apart, the spine of its cheap leatherette cover peeling off, pages spilling out.[i] But she treasured it because it had belonged to her …

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Safe Solo Travel to London

May 12, 2016
Roosevelt & Churchill

Today, on my second day in London, I reread my 14 Tips for Safe Solo Travel, which I posted last September. I am surprised by how many items on the list I did instinctively as I prepared for this trip. Seven years later, solo travel comes naturally. Find a friend with similar interests and budget OR join a nonprofit organization with a strong travel program …

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Travel Tip #14. Sign Up for Global Entry

September 8, 2015

Travel Tip #14. Sign up for Global Entry, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. If you are like me, just the possibility of missing a flight because of long lines at the airport is stressful. Some of my older single friends have quit traveling because “travel is just no fun any …

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Travel Tip #11. Invest in a Cross-Body Purse

August 18, 2015

Travel Tip #11. Invest in a cross-body purse for travel, sightseeing and shopping to free your hands and discourage purse-snatchers. In March 2010, on my first trip as a widow, I flew to Paris for a few days, where I stayed alone at Lev’s and my favorite hotel before taking the trains to Maastricht, the Netherlands, to join friends at The European Fine Arts Fair. At Sunday afternoon …

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Tip #3. 10 Steps to Secure Your Home

June 2, 2015

As much as I traveled alone when Lev was alive, I was surprised by my anxiety attacks each time I prepared to leave on a trip after I became a widow. I am not a worrier. However, I realized that while I always did most of the planning and packing for our trips, my husband was the one who handled all the details of security when …

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