Maturity Brings Wisdom

December 22, 2019
Philippians 3:13-14

 Meditations for Advent: 3. Moving Toward Joy The third stage of our journey toward joy is more difficult than what has gone before. Last week we focused on practical things we can do to strengthen our relationships. In Philippians 3, the Apostle Paul calls on us to examine ourselves, to use our discouragement and grief to mature and grow with purpose and joy—to move forward …

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De Tocqueville’s Advice for Widows

November 10, 2015
Philippians 2:4

Key 4: Look out for others’ best interests, not only your own. While I was reared by the Golden Rule—Do unto others as you would have them do unto you—I did not think of it until recently as the foundation of a philosophy of enlightened self-interes, the idea that we benefit when we find ways to provide a benefit for others. Since I have blogged …

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