Join me in my walk through widowhood
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invite you to join me in my journey from grief, fear and anxiety to acceptance, peace and ultimately joy. Ella Wall Prichard has been my byline, as well as my legal name, since I married while serving as editor of the student newspaper at Baylor University in 1962. I was half of a couple—mom, friend, church and community volunteer, occasional freelance writer, eventually grandmother for almost five decades. I was one of the lucky ones.

Then, on April 7, 2009, my role as wife ended. I discovered all that “loss of companionship” means. I had to find a new identity, learn a new role. I had to learn my husband’s business. Overnight, I moved from smiling spouse and gracious hostess to CEO and client. Since I had no books to guide me, I looked for role models and mentors—women who reached this place ahead of me. Some were widowed in circumstances far more difficult than mine, yet they had made good new lives for themselves. If they could survive and thrive, so could I. This journey has taken longer than I could have ever imagined, but life is good. God is good. Now I want to pay it forward by sharing what I have observed and experienced. As I blog, I hope you will talk back. Join the conversation. We can learn from one another.

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