Bouncing Back From Adversity

August 23, 2015

Adapting Sri Lankan Cooking Methods

August 23, 2015

Westward, Ho!

August 23, 2015

Three Coasts in 13 Days

From Nantucket to Corpus Christi to Carmel in less than two weeks is a bit of a push, but how could I turn down the gracious invitation of dear friends with a house in Carmel? A married couple can give no better gift to widowed friends than to continue to include them. It doesn’t always happen. For some women, it never happens. So I am thankful.

Nantucket and Carmel have many of the same charms: cool weather, great food and shopping, beautiful flowers and gardens. Where Nantucket’s coast line is calm and serene with miles of sandy beaches, Carmel’s is dramatic–waves crashing into boulders offshore and then washing on to tiny patches of rocky beach or pounding again cliffs. The mountain wilderness area of Big Sur is immediately south of Carmel, arguably the most spectacular coastal scenery in the country. Nantucket is relatively flat, while the Monterey Peninsula is rugged. Both are wonderful.

I will be back in a week. Meanwhile, I will continue to post on my public Facebook page, if you want to follow me here.